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The topics I've chosen to share this week are the following:

  • What Determines the Value of a Country's Currency?
  • A List of Events Affecting Iraq's Currency Value
  • I Share How I Make Full-Time Money Working Part-Time
  • I Share How I'm Investing In Real Estate Without the Challenges Time and Money Managing the Properties and Tenants

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What Determines the Value of a Currency?

While the value of a currency is determined by numerous complex factors, investors should have an understanding of how currency values and exchange rates fluctuate. Learn how currency exchange, and supply and demand affect there countries currency. Demand for goods, services and investments all play a key role in the price of a given country's currency.

I created the infographic (image bel0w) to show what factors influence the value of a currency and how the relationships between two countries impact their exchange rates. The infographic is a visual explanation of how a country's currency is valued.  I invite all to read and understand this extremely important subject, as it impacts everyone in the world. What and how much you can purchase with your own country's currency bank notes is a direct result of what you'll come to understand below. Anyone interested in foreign currency trading will greatly benefit from this information as well.

You are free to copy and paste and share this information wherever you wish. I've created this infographic for all to freely and openly share. I've provided an "embed code" for this post and info-graphic at the bottom of my post on Dinar Daddy's Tidbits to make it easier for anyone wishing to share this information on their website, blog, or email list. To access that post and "embed code", CLICK HERE.

What determines the value of a countrys currency


The value of a currency is measured by its value relative to other currencies, which is determined by supply and demand. "Demand" in this sense is actually understood as "velocity", meaning the amount and number of times a particular country's currency notes circulate within a set period of time.  The faster a currency circulates, the more valuable it is perceived due to verified consumer confidence.

The trading relationship between two countries plays a major role in determining the exchange rate between their two currencies. These factors include: inflation, interest rates, current account deficits, public debt, terms of trade and political stability.

The exchange rate of the currency in which an investor’s portfolio holds the bulk of its investments is a major determinant of that portfolio's return.

A declining exchange rate decreases the purchasing power of income and capital gains derived from any returns in that currency.

Investors looking to succeed in the currency market should look for where there is increasing supply in the market and where there is increasing demand.

Go Currencies... Go Understanding... Go Dinar!

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Go Strongbrook… Go More Money… Go Real Estate… Go Dinar!

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Iraq's List of Events Affecting Currency Value

I’ve collaborated with Breitling on all the major known events, activities, and announcements within and around Iraq and its currency (you can find his information at theiraqijournal.com and breitlingcurrency.blogspot.com), and we’ve compiled a list that gives us a clear look at what is happening. No doubt Iraq is preparing for change.

Here is a sampling of the latest events for your reference:

  • 10/13 - The number of banknotes in circulation will be reduced from 4 billion to 1 billion.
  • 3/14 - As Immunity Ends, Iraq Takes Measures to Protect its Funds
  • 3/14 - CBI announces delivery of 90 tons of gold to support IQD
  • 4/14 - CBI Announces 3X Increase of Reserves of Pure Gold
  • 4/14 - The reserve to support the value of the national currency
  • 4/14 - CBI sells gold to the public it will strengthen Dinar and reduce dollarization
  • 4/14 - Central Bank announces re-printed banknotes Iraqi “pictures and more protection
  • 4/14 - Central Bank reserves reach 100 billion dollars

Iraq is the ONLY country we know of that is actually reducing its bank note supply. No one is adding gold to back their currency at the ratio and urgency (gold holdings amounts compared to currency value and bank note count) Iraq is currently engaged in.

Can you see the trend of increased activity and efforts centered around their currency's and country's perceived value in the world? We certainly do! Taking all factors into account, Iraq’s potential gain in its currency’s value is second to none. Iraq can not and will not be held down forever. Until then, all we can do is continue to follow the "bread crumbs", see the obvious activity, and wait.

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