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Dinar Daddy

Dinar: Controlling the Controllable

By Dinar Daddy

It's been a bit since I've posted on my own newsletter relating to the events and situations to consider around my site readers and their interest in the Iraqi Dinar.  Here are a few of my thoughts I hope will help some with their own strategies with their holdings of the official currency of Iraq.

As it pertains to the methods and means of the Dinar, this is how I intend to maintain my position in the Dinar:

  • The bulk of my personal holdings is in the standard 25K IQD notes.
  • I have recently diversified my holdings by obtaining a large position in 50, 250, and 500 (Lower Denomination... 2 and 1 zero notes... NOT the 3 zero notes) Dinar notes in order to protect myself against the comments made by the CBI discussing the lifting or dropping of the three (3) zero denomination notes out of circulation.  I don't necessarily believe the propaganda the CBI has been putting out about this, but I'm a believer in being prepared for any and all contingencies.  This is one of my efforts to do just that.
  • I have access to a bank in Iraq wherein I will have easy, simple access to make deposits with my current holdings of Dinar, as well as US Dollars.  I  keep and maintain a percentage of my overall holdings of the Dinar in electronic funds in order to ensure liquidity within Iraq.  Utilizing this method of holding my Dinars also further diversifies my Dinar holdings portfolio, and it too eliminates my concern over any particular denomination of banknotes.  As such, it serves a triple purpose for me as an Iraqi Dinar holder.

The above is HOW I hold my Dinar... in all denominations, in all types and methods, and in all possibilities.  I do this to ensure I have a contingency plan for any and all situations thrown at us.  The news and rumors surrounding this currency remains volatile, confusing, and definitely unpredictable.  As such, all I can personally do is prepare.

I'm doing my best to "control the controllable".  Are you?

Go Tidbits... Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

Silver... Why Own It?

“Silver fundamentally speaking is the BEST investment I have seen in my life time!” - Mike Maloney

1. Since 2000, global mining production has experienced a steady decrease during every year.

2. Use of silver is rampant in almost every sphere of life; be it the use in solar panels, pesticides or computers, no other metal has been able to replace it. There are over 10,000 industrial application for silver and in most cases, after these products have expired, the silver ends up in landfills, never to be used again.

3. The ratio of gold to silver stands at 15:1 historically but at present, it is closer to 35:1. To meet the historic ratio, trading prices of silver will have to touch almost a whopping $100 an ounce.

4. Since the collapse of dollar is imminent in the future, daily bartering transactions will see the use of private silver coins, and not gold.

5. Since 2001, Dow Jones has been outperformed by silver by 500%. Those wondering why silver will someday emerge as the best investment of our lifetimes can check out the videos below. Still wonder why it’s time to investigate?

  • Some of you have bought silver at $48 per ounce (As I did)...
  • Some bought at $6 per ounce (As did I)...
  • Some of you have lost your patience with silver (I never did:-)... because the fundamentals of silver are like NO OTHER INVESTMENT on the planet!

The US government is now bailing out EUROPE and this will accelerate over the coming months. Inflation and even hyper-inflation are on the horizon.

Many of you don't know what to invest in and have $ siting in cash or stocks... Paper investments are the MOST speculative investment you can be in at this time in history...

If you want to get EXCITED about an investment, take 10 minutes and review this page and a watch the NEW video on it, eye opening and truly a gift for those on the fence.

Want to get excited about an investment in silver? Watch this: CLICK HERE.

If you wish to learn more about how you too can obtain silver for your portfolio, please call (888) 348-2441CLICK HERE if you wish to view our current portfolio of precious metals commodities coins and bars, including silver.

Happy Investing, Michael MacDonald - Precious Metals Analyst

Are My Monies Safe?

By David Kauwe At the RV, how safe will my monies be?  What can I do to protect it until I decide where to invest it? Well here’s what the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Covers: The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category. Ok.  What’s that mean in layman’s term? These are the account ownership categories:

If you have one of these accounts in your name, each different type of account is insured at that insured bank up to $250,000.  So you see you can have several different types of accounts and still have protection within the same bank if you structure your accounts properly using individual accounts, joint accounts, retirement accounts and the different types of trust accounts.

Now you may have heard about the Temporary Unlimited Protection that the FDIC offers through 12-31-2012.  On November 9, 2010, the FDIC released FIL-76-2010 (Financial Institution Letter) which basically stated that through 12-31-2012 a monies deposited in any non-interest bearing transaction accounts would have unlimited FDIC protection.

Why would the Government want the FDIC to do this?  It’s my humble opinion that our Government has a vested interest that they know we have:

  1. Recently Acquired Monies.
  2. Kept the Monies in the US.

So you can sleep peacefully to know that your monies will be safe while you decide where to invest them once the RV does hit.  Coincidently, this tells me that the Government originally thought that the RV might transpire prior to 12-31-2012.  Anyway, that’s how I see it!

As Always Aloha and Mahalo!

Hawaiian Dave

David A. Kauwe CLU ChFC LUTCF is the Owner of Triangle Estate Planners located in Durham, NC. dave@hawaiiandaves.com or at (919) 698-8832 cell.

Free Legal Documents: Dinar Assignment

By Paul Lydolph -

People generally see their lawyer as an impediment to progress.  Even worse, customers (clients) feel slighted when they are charged hundreds of dollars for documents that take just a few minutes for paralegal staff to complete.

The value-add I am providing the Dinar Daddy community is something special that I doubt you'd be able to find anywhere without a significant fee attached to it by your local attorney – FREE Legal Documents I've created for ANYONE who wishes to use them for their own benefit.

Many people have inquired about how to assign their Dinar into an entity they have either created or have owned for some time but within which they did not purchase their Dinars.

  • If you CLICK HERE, you can access the FREE legal form that allows you to gift your personally acquired Dinar to that of your family trust.
  • If you CLICK HERE, you can access the FREE legal form that allows you to transfer ownership of your personally acquired Dinar to that of a legal entity, company, or corporation.

I've created them for everyone wanting to use them for their own reasons, and am making them available to anyone who wishes to access and use them for their own benefit.  They allow you to assign your personally acquired Dinar into your newly-formed trusts, LLCs, and/or other entities of your choice.

You'll notice my personal information on them that you can replace with your own information.  Please don't be alarmed.  I don't mind if you know how to reach me.  I'm here to help!

These FREE Legal Documents are a gift to each of you from Treasury Vault, the company I work for, and of course from me.  You can find us at www.TreasuryVault.com.

One of the accessible forms you can use to assign your Dinars into a trust.  The other is set up for transfers into a company/corporation.

If you wish to discuss these further with me, or need my assistance in understanding how you can adjust these to meet your needs, feel free to contact me by email at legal@treasuryvault.com, or by phone by calling toll free at (888) 348-2441.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Paul Lydolph, Esq. - Treasury Vault

Create Your Real Estate Game Plan


No wealth creation system would be complete without a vision of the end goal. A game plan provides motivation when things are tough and discipline to turn away from temptation. For example, a person who invests in real estate without a clear plan but with the hope of making money may do well on their first property and then be tempted to use the profits to buy a boat. Their standard of living may rise slightly by doing so, but their long-term financial security will actually decrease. To be successful, you need a structured and systematized approach to investing. This is achieved by constructing a portfolio game plan.


A solid portfolio game plan in the REIC Strait Path System requires the following elements:

  1. Identifying and leveraging hidden assets
  2. A ten-year, customized Goal
  3. Enduring to the end


Identify and Leverage Hidden Assets

What few people realize is how many assets are readily available to them. These assets are hidden because of how we’ve been trained through media and culture.  Successful investors understand how to shift, position, and leverage assets that are hidden from or are underutilized by most individuals. They realize that economic success comes from producing higher yields from existing resources.


As the economist Jean-Baptiste Say wrote in A Treatise on Political Economy,Creating wealth is a function of moving assets from areas of low yield to areas of high yield.”  This sounds simple conceptually, but applying it practically requires a paradigm shift for most people. Why? Because their low-yield assets, including home equity and 401(k), IRA, and other qualified-plan money, are the “sacred cows” of traditional retirement planning. In the Strait Path system, we strongly recommend that our clients shift these low yield assets to areas of high yield, namely real estate investing.


Your 10 Year, Customized Goal

Everyone I work with creates a ten-year goal along with a customized plan for achieving that goal. This plan includes both beginning and end goals. The beginning goal is to uncover and transfer enough existing assets to purchase one home (other people with more assets can begin by purchasing multiple homes). The end goal is to create enough cash and cash flow to be able to technically “retire” within ten years, which is a realistic goal for every individual. When financed and positioned properly, investment properties create a chain reaction; the more you have, the more you’re able to leverage.  There are four specific paths to achieve wealth through the Strait Path system, all of which coincide with four general situations. The main difference between them is the speed at which people can become wealthy through investing in real estate. The first path can be compared to walking, the second to riding a bike, the third to driving a car, and the fourth to flying a plane, all of which end at the same destination. You can learn about these paths by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


Achieving Critical Mass Through Endurance

Your ten-year goal is the destination. Your passion behind the goal fuels your efforts on the path. Ultimately, it’s the vehicle of repetition that gets you to the goal. Strait Path real estate is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It’s not designed for people who lack discipline and persistence. It does not provide quick fixes. What it does provide—unlike risky schemes or traditional retirement products and strategies—is a safe and sure route to a stable retirement.


However, if you step off the path prematurely, you won’t reach your destination. Underlying the system is the fundamental key of repetition.  You have to duplicate the process over and over again to enjoy long-term results.  The good news is that this is easy to do. The bad news is that many people don’t have the discipline to do it. We refer to this repetition as “achieving critical mass”


To learn more about The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth and to request YOUR PERSONAL 10 YEAR GAME PLAN….CLICK HERE


Article written by: Kris Krohn, President and Founder of REIC Global, and Author of “The Stait Path to Real Estate Wealth.”

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