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I present to you Publication No.27 of The Weekly Tidbit. I'm confident you'll be exposed to a wealth of helpful information as you continue to grow and develop in your understanding of what is best for you and your personal, family, and financial situation.

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IRA/401K Currency Fallout

So, you have money in an IRA and its not working the way you thought? You have a 401K, and that’s not working the way you thought?  Many people have caught on that you can Self Direct your money, yank it out of the stock market and buy real estate, only to find out that doing real estate is HARD, even in this once in a lifetime economy.

For example, playing the auctions with your qualified dollars is a risky and scary business….

Here’s a sneak peak at how the auctions play out…. At 5:00 pm the night before they go on the auction block, you get the official auction list of 1,832 homes. Most of the homes have to be researched for hidden liens, defaulted HOAs, unpaid taxes, mechanics liens, utility liens and hidden third mortgages.

Then before the auction when you think you’ve found a winner you need to get into the house and asses realistic damages, start the eviction process if the previous mortgage holder still lives there, and you still have to find the comparable rental rates for the area. Then you show up on the auction steps as a small fish with no connections, standing next to the big fish who “own” the auction and always take the best deals. Good luck!! (sarcasm heavily intended)

However, there IS a company out there with a real estate power team, that provides hundreds of these homes and makes them available to you. REIC is on track for providing over 461 homes this year to investors. Whether you are experienced or brand new to real estate, REIC assists you in transferring your money tax and penalty free into some of the nation’s best cash flowing real estate in the hottest markets. REIC purchases its average home right now at half of the replacement cost providing both predictability, and security.

The other benefit of an established power team is the buying power to get not only the best-discounted deals, but also to ensure the best management. Think about it, I have many property managers handling hundreds of our clients’ homes. These management companies must do a good job to retain our trust and our clients’ business.

Article written by: Kris Krohn, President and Founder of REIC Global, and Author of “The Stait Path to Real Estate Wealth. For your FREE copy... CLICK HERE.

Also, CLICK HERE to learn more about REIC and get your FREE 10 Year Real Estate Investing Game Plan.

Owning and Storing Precious Metals in an IRA

By Ben Barker

Many people are already aware that you can physically own gold and silver in an IRA.  What is less known, is the ability to store the metals yourself through the creation of a Self Directed IRA with checkbook control.


What is a Self Directed IRA?


  • A Self Directed IRA is an IRA that allows you to truly “self direct” your IRA.  Many IRA custodians will say they allow you to “self direct” your IRA as long as you pick one of a handful of choices from a list they provide you.  In many cases this is limited to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


  • Through a TRULY Self Directed IRA account you can also invest your IRA in such investments as:  real estate, gold and silver, foreign currency, notes, deeds of trust, private placements, and more.


What is a Self-Directed IRA with checkbook control (IRA-LLC)?


  • An IRA-LLC is a special purpose limited liability company (LLC), which is either fully or partially owned by a self directed individual retirement account (IRA). Since the self directed IRA owns the LLC, IRA funds can be legally transferred to the LLC in exchange for member units (shares) of the LLC. After this funding, both traditional and non-traditional investments may be purchased by the LLC instead of directly in the IRA.


  • The use of this type of structure enables the IRA to have investments and checkbook control over the IRA.


With the given state of the economy and clients flocking to “hard assets” we continually get asked if you can physically hold gold or silver yourself in a Self Directed IRA.  The answer is “yes” through the creation of an IRA LLC.


The IRA LLC receives the IRA funds and can self direct those funds into gold and silver.  Keep in mind the only metals that the IRA LLC can physically hold would be gold or silver eagle coins.  Bars and Bullion would still need to be held by the custodian.  Refer to IRA code section 408(m) for more detail.


Physically holding gold and silver eagle coins can be a great benefit during these difficult economic times.


For more information on setting up a Self-Directed IRA or a Self-Directed IRA with checkbook control, please CLICK HERE or call Treasury Vault at 888-348-2441.  CLICK HERE to learn more about your Self-Directed IRA purchase options.

Why Buy Gold and Silver?

If you haven't heard, the Euro is about to collapse or get bailed out by the US Federal Reserve. Here are the two corresponding options available, both of which lead investors to be bullish about gold and silver:

1. Investors fleeing the Euro because it's collapsing into safe havens such as gold and silver.

2. People hedging hyper-inflation with real wealth, gold and silver.

Decline of the Dollar: With federal reserves of gold on hand to back up each dollar printed, the U.S. dollar has long been considered the international currency standard. But the amount of gold that exists to back up the dollar compared to the amount of money printed has plummeted. With inflation soaring and no end in sight, millions of dollars worth of money has been printed with no real gold supply in existence to back it up. Quite simply, a dollar isn’t worth what it once was. Gold, however, remains a realistic commodity.

Gold is More Popular than Ever: As the dollar plummets, the demand for gold will continue to increase steadily. More people than ever are already looking at how to invest in gold and financial vehicles focused on gold have recently been created to help adjust to this rising demand. Numerous countries such as China and Russia have driven up this demand for gold, with gold exchanges being opened in certain countries. China’s gold demand alone is expected to reach five hundred tons over the next several years.

Supply is Dwindling: There can only be so much of a good thing, and gold is no exception. The amount of gold currently being mined each year can’t reach the global demand, and the gold recycled each year cannot completely cover the difference. And beyond this, the amount of gold coming from the world’s gold mines is expected to decrease sharply over the next several years. And bearing the law of supply and demand in mind, the value of gold should increase dramatically as available supplies shrink.

America’s Economy: It’s no secret that the American economy is still on shaky legs. The nation’s deficit is jaw dropping, and is currently sitting at a level usually indicative of total currency collapse in past instances. Add to that the fact that lower interest rates usually amount to higher gold values, and take a look at the nation’s current interest rates. They’re at the lowest levels in memory, meaning that gold will continue to skyrocket in value.

Fear: It’s hard to admit, but as international tensions mount and the world’s citizens become concerned and even frightened about the future, many shift their focus to obtaining real, substantial commodities. These tensions are at a boiling point throughout the world, and the effects are already being seen as more and more people turn away from printed paper and invest in cold, hard gold.

For centuries gold has been one of the world’s most precious commodities. The simple truth is that this is unlikely to change in the future. Investing in gold is investing in your future, and can bring you peace of mind in a stressful economic world.

Happy Investing,
Michael MacDonald - Precious Metals Analyst

Here's My List... What's Yours?

By Dinar Daddy   I've been following the Iraqi Dinar for quite some time as most know.  Over this period, I've put together a list of critical things I either need to have or do in order to be ready for the coming changes.  Here's that list for anyone wishing to get their thoughts around this subject: Acquisition:
  • Purchase of amount I'm personally comfortable with
  • Purchase of amount my wife and family are comfortable with (no more)
  • Purchase of Dinar over a period of time in a manner that hasn't stretched my finances or compromised my other responsibilities
  • Purchase only after performing my own due diligence and feeling comfortable placing a percentage of my overall holdings in physical Dinar
  • Placing a percentage of my overall Dinar holdings within an Iraqi bank account wherein my holdings in this manner aren't subject to denomination checks or concerns, and which will still be there regardless of any changes positive or negative.
  • Set up of my family trust that includes business entities designed to protect my assets both before and after any changes in the rate of the Iraqi Dinar.
  • Purchase of a high-end extremely heavy residential safe that is bolted in my basement floor to hold SOME of my personal holdings of physical Dinar.
  • Placement of my holdings of Dinar in multiple locations (i.e. personal safe, storage unit, bank safety deposit box, personal friends, parents) in order to diversify my holdings should one location be compromised. I never put all my eggs in one basket.
  • Purchasing / Placing only a percentage of my overall portfolio in Dinar.  Regardless of my confidence in the Dinar, I've chosen to remain diversified.
  • I've kept my personal identity private as best as I could.  I'm sure some have my information, but for the most part I've kept it private for my and my family's physical protection.
  • I've never shared any amount of what my overall portfolio in any investments or holdings are worth.
  • I've set up my family trusts.
  • I've established my relationships with my legal team.
  • I've established my relationships with my investments team.
  • I've established my relationships with my finances (CPA) team.
  • I've set up an investment game plan of how I will invest my money now and should I receive a dramatic windfall.
  • I've set up multiple cash-in scenarios in order to ensure I have liquidity within my holdings of the Dinar due to it being a exotic foreign currency on the OFAC list and not internationally recognized.
  • I've set up multiple ways whereby I can both receive information of any significant change in the rate of the Iraqi Dinar, and how I can disseminate that information to all Dinar Daddy readers.
  • I've made things happen as I've waited for the "RV" to ensure I wasn't sitting on the sideline of life. This created an assurance within me that I'd obtain my success, not simply wait for it to happen.
  • I've surrounded myself with those who are equally committed to success and excellence in their lives.
  • I've recommitted myself to my personal faith and Savior in order to prepare myself a solid foundation emotionally and spiritually prior to any major changes occurring in my life.
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